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What You Ought To Know About Drywood Termites In Orange County


Far too many people paint pests with a broad brush. They think that all antsspiders, or termites are more or less the same. But the reality is that, unless you know the specific behaviors and habitats of different species, you’ll never fully eliminate a pest problem or be able to account for the damage they cause. Learning how to spot the signs of drywood termites over dampwood termites, for example, can help you effectively address an infestation.

What Are Drywood Termites?

While all termites chew through wood and make tunnels or mounds in soils, not all termites prefer the same kinds of wood or environments. What we call dampwood termites are most often subterranean ones, which stick below ground for pretty much their entire lives. Drywood termites, on the other hand, don’t make their tunnels in mud, preferring instead to nest directly inside of the wood tunnels they carve.

Some people think that because subterranean termites are more common - and because their damage is often much more severe - they aren’t much cause for concern; the truth is that because human structures are made up of dry wooden materials, drywood termites are actually more prone to invade homes and businesses. This is why it’s important to defend against all kinds of termite species, not just the ones you think are the most common or destructive.

Signs Of Termites On Your Orange County Property

Neither variety of termites is good to have around because the damage they cause can lead to serious structural issues and larger problems. Unfortunately, with both drywood and subterranean termites, the signs of their damage are usually hidden from view until they’ve been there for weeks or even months. All termites prefer dark areas, so the spots they hit tend to be ones we don’t check often. That’s why it’s important to regularly inspect your property for any of the following signs of termites.

  • Warping: When termites hollow out wooden cores, surface woods tend to warp and buckle accordingly. If you notice suddenly bulging or sagging wood panels or suddenly loose or tight-fitting windows and doors, this could be a sign of termite damage.
  • Frass: The fine sawdust that results from wood-boring is called frass and can sometimes be seen in piles around targeted woods. However, bear in mind that subterranean termites don’t tend to leave frass on the surface.
  • Clicking: This one is incredibly rare because everything else has to be perfectly silent for most people to hear the sound that termites make. The faint clicking noise that some people report is due to soldier termites knocking their heads against wood to warn other termites of threats. It’s very quiet, though, so don’t rely on this as a tell-tale sign.

Drywood Termite Prevention

Since the apparent signs of termite activity often don’t show themselves until a colony has grown in size and increased its activity, the best thing to do is prevent populations from moving in to start with. Here are some ways you can prevent drywood termites around your property:

  • Sealing cracks: Regularly checking your exterior walls for cracks and holes will help clue you into tiny gaps that termites might be able to squeeze through to gain access to interior woods.
  • Moisture control: It may seem counterintuitive to focus on moisture when dealing with drywood termites, but they are still attracted to these areas for the essential water they provide. Water damage also opens up gaps and holes in wooden materials that make them more accessible to termites.
  • Treatments: The best protection against termites is through treatments to your yard and exterior, which repel termites before they have a chance to invade. Contact your local pest experts for more details.

Eliminating Termites From Your Orange County Property

Since most people don’t even realize they have a termite problem until they’ve hunkered down and grown in number, the best time to start taking them seriously is right now. While early prevention can help improve your odds of avoiding infestations, only professional methods provide guarantees. If termites are already on or around your property, make sure you turn right to expert guidance rather than try store-bought chemicals that may be unsafe and likely won’t fully eliminate the colony. Only professionals, like the friendly staff at Pacific Shore Pest Control, can truly clear your property of the threat of termites.

Whether you’ve already noticed signs of activity or want to ensure that problems aren’t forming without you knowing, our thorough inspections will reveal all you need to know to protect your property appropriately.

Don’t let drywood termites - or any other destructive pest - chew through your property; contact Pacific Shore Pest Control today for reliable home pest control and commercial exterminator services in Orange County.

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