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What Every Orange County Resident Should Know About Fleas


Many people think that a flea problem isn’t something they have to worry about in the winter. However, with the constantly-warm climate here in Orange County, that isn’t true. Our comparatively mild winters and humid climate mean cold temperatures don’t put much of a damper on fleas’ ability to reproduce. These pesky pests can establish a breeding population indoors and drive you crazy all year round. That’s why flea control is something you have to worry about in every season, no matter where you live. 

How To Tell If It's Fleas In Your Home

A flea problem can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from other infestations, such as mosquitoes or bed bugs. But there are a few ways to tell whether you have fleas or something else. Of course, if your bites are coming from ticks or mosquitoes, you won’t be getting them indoors. So if you’re being bitten even when you’re not spending a lot of time outside, you can be pretty sure your problem isn’t outdoor pests.

Bed bugs and fleas can be harder to tell apart. An excellent place to start is the location and pattern of the bites. Flea bites have no clear pattern and occur mostly on your feet and lower legs. Bed bug bites typically show up in lines or clusters, and they’re always located on the parts of your body that contact the bed. 

Another way to tell is to actually look for the source of your possible bed bug or flea bites. Contrary to some misinformation out there, you can see both fleas and bed bugs. If you see an oval-shaped bug that crawls around slowly and clumsily, that’s a bed bug. If you see a tiny, dark speck that can leap tall furniture in a single bound, that’s a flea. 

The Dangers Of Fleas In Orange County

Fleas can cause several significant issues in your home. The most common problem is a flea allergy. Both pets and people can be allergic to flea bites. Some people who have a severe allergy can experience anaphylaxis symptoms like difficulty breathing and fainting from a single flea bite. Less serious allergies are more common. Flea allergy symptoms include redness, rash, and extreme itching. 

Though rare, fleas can also spread diseases like cat scratch fever, tularemia, and murine typhus. Fleas were also one of the most common vectors of the plague during the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods. While bubonic plague is a rare disease now, it’s still possible to get it from certain types of fleas.

Why Fleas Come Into Orange County Homes

Fleas come into your Orange County home for food. You and your pets both have plenty of blood to keep fleas satisfied. If they find an ideal place to nest and plenty of people or animals to bite, fleas will set up shop just about anywhere.

Most flea infestations start with either untreated pets or wildlife. A few fleas might hop onto your cat when you let it out, and it jumps onto the rats infesting your basement, and the next thing you know, they’re breeding in your carpet. It’s very easy for even non-pet owners to wind up with a flea problem if they have a wildlife problem. 

How To Get Rid Of Fleas And Keep Them Out

If you wind up with a flea infestation, treating it yourself can be just about impossible. That’s why you should contact us here at Pacific Shore Pest Control. Our pest control methods are safe and effective for both pets and people, and we can make sure your infestation isn’t just gone for now. It’s gone for good!

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