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Advanced Pest Control Services In Costa Mesa, CA

Costa Mesa is a suburb of Greater Los Angeles, known for its beautiful ocean views and scenic splendor. Even being located far from downtown L.A., Costa Mesa has plenty of human activity, meaning pests are drawn here just like they’re drawn anywhere with human homes and businesses to invade. Learning how to protect your property ahead of time will ensure that you never fall victim to an infestation.

Home Pest Control In Costa Mesa, CA

No one likes the thought of a pest infestation in their home, but the truth is that you may have a pest problem and not even know it. Pests are good at avoiding detection and hiding the signs of their activity until it’s too late to avoid the damages or other problems that they cause. That’s why early prevention is far better than a late reaction to a pest population.

Instead of waiting for an infestation to present itself, contact Pacific Shore Pest Control to learn how we can protect you from all of these common types of pests:

  • Rodents: These tiny mammals not only cause lots of damage with their constant gnawing, but they also breed quickly and in large numbers. Keeping rodents off your property is a key part of pest control.
  • Bed Bugs: To call rodents “tiny” is almost quaint when compared to nearly microscopic bed bugs. They can be seen by the naked eye, however, especially when infesting light-colored fabrics. They bite people in our sleep and leave itchy marks behind.
  • Termites: Not all pests are dangerous because of the direct harm they cause. Some pests are dangerous because of the later consequences of their actions. Termites prove this well, as early termite damage is practically undetectable. Once the damage mounts, however, termites can lead to structural hazards and costly repairs.

Call today at (888) 621-3022 to get started with our effective home pest control services!

Commercial Pest Control In Costa Mesa, CA

All of the pests that target homes can also easily target businesses. In fact, the things that pests look for are often found in even more abundance on commercial properties. Places like restaurants and grocery stores have lots of food around, and hotels and hospitals have plenty of linens and storage closets for pests to contaminate. That’s why proper pest control is just as important to businesses as it is for homeowners.

Protecting your business from pests can help to avoid these types of issues:

  • Health Problems: Pests can spread disease and, at the very least, contribute to allergies and respiratory problems thanks to dander and other particles they create in the air. Some also bite people.
  • Property Damage: From rodents that chew on everything to insects like termites that can literally chew through your structure, it’s much cheaper to solve the problem than it is to let it go unaddressed.
  • Reputation: It’s hard enough running a successful business without word getting out about an infestation on your property. Keeping pests out is also about making sure you don’t lose your good standing in the community.

No matter what kind of business you run, let Pacific Shore Pest Control help out. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get started with our reliable commercial pest management services.

Rodent Control: A Guide To Effective Methods In Costa Mesa

Rodents are so common, people will try just about anything to keep them out. Problem is, not all methods are created equal, and those that simply eliminate a couple of rodents won’t solve the larger problem of the population that’s hiding somewhere on your property and contributing to more and more issues. That’s why thorough inspections by trained experts are the best way to make sure you’re addressing the full problem.

At Pacific Shore Pest Control, we use industry-leading treatments and methods that are effective at eliminating rodents and other pests. We don’t just lay down some traps and call it good, we make sure to address all the factors around your property that might be attracting pests. We not only address those for you, but we also educate you on the ways you can keep up with proper pest prevention methods.

Don’t waste time or money on products or services that won’t solve the problem, contact Pacific Shore Pest Control to get started on proper rodent control today.

How Can I Prevent Termites From Destroying My Costa Mesa Home?

All kinds of pest problems prove why early prevention is better than reacting to infestations once they’re noticeable. But few demonstrate just how high the stakes are as much as termites. It’s a common story: a property owner doesn’t even realize they have a termite problem until the damage is clear, costly, and often irreversible. Not only can termites cause cosmetic damage, but they can also chew through structural woods and cause collapse. That’s why it’s never too early (or too late) to consider getting your home checked for termites.

At Pacific Shore Pest Control, our trained technicians know how to spot the earliest signs of termite activity, helping to ensure that infestations are caught early before they can lead to more serious damage. We not only help you eliminate existing problems, but we also provide effective treatments that protect your home from future invasions. For quality termite control that gives you true peace of mind, turn to Pacific Shore Pest Control.

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